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The Australian Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Collaborative comprises of a network of researchers and health professionals interested in the technique of ambulatory blood pressure measurement in the treatment of high blood pressure. Our aim is to provide coherent consensus opinions about the use of ambulatory blood pressure in the Australian context and to undertake research on pertinent questions using our combined resources and expertise. Communication of our findings and views are made via the scientific literature and through the medical press. Our members represent major research Universities, Hospital and clinics from every State in Australia. 


May Measurement Month 

 (Worldwide blood pressure measument program aimed to screen millions of people in over 100 countries)



Ambulatory BP now advocated for routine diagnosis of Hypertension

New study by AABPMC members shows the long term benefits of black tea


Ambulatory BP machines for loan (see news page)


Barriers Remain for routine ambulatory BP monitoring

Medical Observer 22nd May 2012 article by Lynnette Hoffman

Editorial in Journal of Hypertension

 "Should ambulatory blood pressuremonitoring be mandatory for future studies in resistant hypertension"   


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High Blood Pressure Research Council Annual Scientific Meeting for 2018

Late November,

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International Society of Hypertension 2018 Scientific Meeting

September 20th 2018 to September 23rd 2018