Info For Patients


Key messages for patients having an ambulatory assessment:

The monitor will automatically inflate and record blood pressure and pulse rate periodically throughout the 24-hour period.

Continue with typical daily activities throughout the monitoring period but avoid vigorous exercise during monitoring.

When the cuff starts inflating, keep the cuff at heart level, temporarily stop moving or talking for about 1 minute, keep the arm immobilised and relaxed, and try to relax and breathe normally.

Some monitors give a warning tone prior to measurement.Do not kink tubing but do re tighten connections if a leak occurs.

Occasionally the device may repeat the measurement a moment later at a higher pressure. This is quite common and does not mean there is a problem.Keep the device on during sleep and do not switch it off.

During monitoring, do not shower or bathe (sponge baths only) because the cuff should not be removed.

Make diary entries as requested.Avoid napping during the day.Call phone number provided if you have technical difficulties or other concerns during the monitoring period.

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