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Media Articles in 2013  


New study by AABPMC members shows the long term benefits of black tea



Black tea compounds show blood pressure benefits: Human data

Article by Stephen Daniells in the nutra ingredients-usa newsletter



New study by AABPMC members shows the long term benefits of black tea




Media Articles in 2012


Publicity for World Hypertension Day May 17 2012 (organised by Fran Hagan Media)


1. Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitoring – Ten News 17 May 2012, 

Mark Brown starred in a news story advocating ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. View footage via youtube


2. Press Release from HBPRCA  "High blood pressure can cut your life short"

Heart attacks and strokes happen in the morning and if you have high blood pressure when you wake up you are at greater risk (15.05.12). Click here for press release.


3. Press Release from HBPRCA "Do you know if you have high blood pressure?"

People with high blood pressure may not have symptoms and the first sign that something is amiss, if your high blood pressure is not managed, may be when you suffer a stroke or a heart attack that can leave you severely disabled if not dead. Click here for press release.


4. Mind Food Radio Interview on Hypertension.

Click here for podcast.

5. Barriers Remain for routine ambulatory BP monitoring

Medical Observer 22nd May 2012 article by Lynnette Hoffman


Media Articles in 2011


  • Experts pledge "pragmatic" ambulatory BP strategy

by David Brill in the Australian Doctor 17 October, 2011


  • Take home message: Ambulatory BP is best

by Danny Rose in the Medical Observer 5th July 2011


  • 24-hour BP monitor lacks funding

by Catherine Hanrahan in the Medical Observer 12th April 2011   



Media Articles in 2010


  • Pressure test for BP monitoring

by Chris Brooker in the Medical Observer 21st September 2010


  • BP tool measures risk of surges 

by Kirrilly Burton in the Medical Observer16th July 2010

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