Study by AABPMC members shows the long term benefits of black tea

A new study published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this year has shown that several cups of black tea per day over 6 months can reduce night time variability in blood pressure. The effect was independent of caffeine and placebo controlled. Leading researcher Jonathan Hodgson and colleagues from the University of Western Australia in collaboration with scientists at Flinders University, Unilever Research, The Russian Cardiology Centre and the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute combined to bring this novel analysis of ambulatory blood pressure recordings. Higher blood pressure variability has been linked to adverse cardiovascular outcomes suggesting that there may be long term cardiovascular benefits to the drinking black tea.


The abstract is available at http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/early/2013/04/02/ajcn.112.051375.abstract

A copy of the article is available from the author upon request  jonathan.hodgson@uwa.edu.au


Ambulatory BP machines for loan

The HBPRCA has been the lucky recipient of a number of Ambulatory BP machines from Bristol-Myers Squib Australia. Not only that, but MSD Australia has a number available for loan. Most of the machines have been used in clinical trials, but have been serviced and are ready to go. We are planning to distribute some in remote and regional Australia as a continuation of the Better Blood Pressure Measurement Initiative, but imagine that there might be some HBPRCA members with great ideas for research projects.


We would therefore very much like to hear from anyone with an interest in borrowing these machines. As with the desktop machines (and some of these have been returned and are also available for loan), please submit a 1-2 page proposal outlining how you might be able to use these devices, what time frame your project would need them for and how many would ideally be provided. The Executive will then review all proposals and advise the outcome.


Please submit your proposals by January 30 2013 to hbprca@meetingsfirst.com.au  




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