Abstracts are now closed


In keeping with the relaxed vibe of the conference, abstracts will be in the form of a key point mini summary which present the concepts of the proposed talk in order to enable us to program the talks  

Abstract submissions open July 16th and close August 16th

All abstracts should be submitted as Word files (.doc or .docx) and emailed to geoff.head@bakeridi.edu.au  


Abstracts should be formatted according to the following instructions:

-Title to be in bold upper case Arial 12 pt font with the remainder of the abstract in Arial 10 pt font. 

-The document is to be single spaced using 0 pt before each paragraph and 6 pt spacing after each paragraph and justified with no paragraph indents. 

-Author(s) are to be written in upper and lower case with the presenting author underlined. Use commas to separate the family name and initials and to separate authors. 

-Abstracts will be in the form of a key point mini summary up to 100 words (n numbers and exact values are not required due to this small word count)   

-Use the template provided below to ensure your Word document has been formatted correctly


mini abstract example.docx  


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