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Publication 2010

Definition of ambulatory blood pressure targets for diagnosis and treatment of hypertension in relation to clinic blood pressure: prospective cohort study.

Brit Med J, 2012, 340, c1104.

Head, G. A., Mihailidou, A. S., Duggan, K. A., Beilin, L. J., Berry, N., Brown, M. A., Bune, A. J., Cowley, D., Chalmers, J. P., Howe, P. R. C., Hodgson, J., Ludbrook, J., Mangoni, A. A., McGrath, B. P., Nelson, M. R., Sharman, J. E. & Stowasser, M.

Background: Twenty-four hour ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) thresholds exist for the diagnosis of mild hypertension but not for other blood pressure (BP) thresholds used either in the diagnosis of moderate-severe hypertension or its treatment. We aimed to derive age and sex differentiated ABP equivalents for both hypertension diagnosis and treatment thresholds.

Methods: Twenty-four ABP data recorded with validated devices were collated from 11 centres across six Australian States (n=8,575) and related to clinic systolic BP (SBP) and diastolic BP (DBP) measured by health professional staff or by physician using least product regression. 

Results: Subjects were 56 years old (54% female), with body mass index 28.9 kg/m2 and clinic SBP/DBP of 142/82 mmHg. Average clinic measures were 6/3 mmHg higher than daytime ABP and 10/5 mmHg higher than 24 hour ABP. Staff-measured clinic BP was 9/7 mmHg lower than physician-measured BP. Daytime ABP equivalents were 4/3 mmHg lower at the 140/90 mmHg threshold (lower limit of grade 1 hypertension), 2/2 mmHg lower at 130/80 mmHg (upper limit with associated conditions), and 1/1 mmHg lower at 125/75 mmHg. Equivalents were 3/2 mmHg lower for females and 2-4 mmHg lower in older subjects. 

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Publication 2010

Reply to: "Clinical thresholds for ambulatory blood pressure measurement reinvented?"

Brit Med J 2010, Rapid Response:14 May 2010.

Head G, Mihailidou A, Duggan K, Beilin L, Berry N, Brown M, Bune A, Cowley D, Chalmers J, Howe P, Hodgson J, Ludbrook J, Mangoni A, McGrath B, Nelson M, Sharman J, Stowasser M:


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